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The Judges

Who We Are

Roland Sands

Founder & CEO of RSD

Roland is from Long Beach, California. He began his life with the upbringing and diverse experience in the motorcycle industry. His love of speed on two wheels took him to the professional racing ranks for 10 years. 32 broken bones later, Roland decided to trade in his racing leathers for hammer, pencil and a computer designing and building motorcycles and custom motorcycle products.In 2005, Sands founded Roland Sands Design. Sands designs are a mixture of sport bike and chopper influences and he has played a pivotal role in popularizing high-performance custom bikes to the masses. 

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Wee Man

Skater / Actor / Taco Officianato

Jason Shannon Acuña, also known as Wee Man, is an all-rounder guy who proved his ability in various fields like acting, professional skateboarding, a television personality, and a stunt actor. What you may not know about Jason however, is that he LOVES motorcycles. He reached out to Roland last year to get a custom Monkey built for him. He gave us a lot of input that helped us build his bike so it would fit him perfectly. When it comes to the 800cc and under class, we couldn't think of a better judge!

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Andy Bell

Founder & CEO of SweatPants Media

A former freestyle motorcross rider and racer who turned tv star on Nitro Circus. Bell has ridden and performed in over 20 countries throughout his career, was VP of promotions for Ogio and now owns his own film production company called Sweatpants Media. As a close personal friend, business partner, and motorcycle enthusiast; we couldn't think of a better judge than Andy Bell

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Roland Stocker

Project Leader at BMW Motorrad

When he's pushing the envelope at BMW this pony tailed lumberjack spends most of his time fiddling with old-school bikes.


Ola Stenegard

Design Director at Indian Motorcycle

Ola has led product design for BMW and now Indian Motorcycle. His life-long personal passion has been the design and customization of American V-twins. 

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Adrian Sellers

Head - Indiustrial Design at Royal Enfield

Adrian leads the design development for all Royal Enfield platforms, working with strategy and engineering teams to bring new models from concept to production implementation. He works with custom motorcycle builders on a regular basis which makes him the perfect man for the job. 

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